Written By:

Adam Roux

Published On:

April 1, 2019

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    USAID Officers Visit CLSG for Host Nations: A Refugee Simulation

    On March 28, 34 USAID officers came to UVA for a run-through of the CLSG's Host Nations simulation. Stationed across the globe in places as far afield as Somalia and Vietnam, these officers undertook the simulation as part of a leadership development experience.

    This group from USAID were the first professional community to try out the new classroom version of Host Nations. Since the NASPAA-Batten competition, the CLSG has substantially improved the game, making it more robust and easier to use.

    Having professionals who work regularly with refugees and asylum seekers play Host Nations was a great opportunity for the CLSG. With these development professionals, we ran through two rounds of the simulation: a short practice round that gave participants a chance to familiarize themselves with the simulation, then a full hour of competitive play.

    Following the simulation exercise, Center Director Noah Myung delivered a short debrief, explaining the research and key principles behind the simulation’s design.

    We hope everyone had a good time and learned a lot while here at UVA! Thanks for coming!