Written By:

Adam Roux

Published On:

September 15, 2018


Tri-Sector Fellows in the Situation Room

On September 12th, the UVA Tri-Sector Fellows came to Garrett Hall to undertake the Situation Room Experience (SRE), an immersive simulation that tests leadership and decision-making skills.


During the seventy-five minutes of the SRE, participants take on the roles of members of the White House crisis management team, the intelligence community, and the media.

Participants in these groups must compete, collaborate, and above all communicate to solve serious and time-sensitive problems, a challenge made all the more difficult by the fact that some of the participants are restricted to certain rooms, resulting in limitations on face-to-face communication; instead, some of the rooms can only communicate via video conferencing.

It’s an exciting, high-intensity simulation that had UVA’s brightest running through the halls.


Since 2014, the Tri-Sector Leadership Fellows Program has brought together students, educators, and professionals from three distinct areas – law, business, and public policy – to share knowledge and experience and build better leaders.

Selected from among the graduate students at these three schools, Tri-Sector Fellows extend their curricula’s  toolsets through cross-disciplinary events, collaborations, and lectures that foster deep discussion, encourage direct engagement with prominent practitioners and academics, and provide practical group exercises in which Fellows address some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Through these events, Fellows not only develop a solid understanding of best practices for effective public, private, and social sector interactions, but are also able to build important professional connections that will serve them long after graduation.

The Tri-Sector Leadership Fellows Program is facilitated by three faculty members, one each from the Law School (Julia Mahoney), the Darden School (Mary Margaret Frank), and the Batten School (Noah Myung).