Written By:

Adam Roux

Published On:

September 10, 2018


Taiwanese Delegation Tackles Simulations

On September 6th, we welcomed 20 senior civil servants from Taiwan for a day of Executive Education. CLSG packed their schedule with policy discussions, several rounds of simulation use, and a lecture on game theory.

The delegation consisted of senior civil servants: most were Senior Executive Service-equivalent ranks like Director and Chief Secretary, though one Deputy Minister was with the group. Our guests hailed from a wide range of Taiwanese organizations including the Civil Service Protection and Training Commission, the Ministry of Education, the National Communications Commission, and many others.

We began the day with a few rounds of the Pandemic simulation, which the visitors took to easily. In the Pandemic Simulation, participants take on the roles of government ministers (Prime Minister, Minister of Health, etc.), and work together as a team, interacting with other “governments” in a high-intensity, fast-paced environment. Participants can see the effects (and consequences) of their policy decisions in real time must develop strategies to preserve global health, enact policies that contain the pandemic, and handle political and economic fallout.

Afterward, Dr. Andy Ortiz and CLSG Director Prof. Noah Myung led a debriefing discussion that explained the thinking and theories behind the simulation’s policy options and how participants’ choices affected their virtual country.

The CLSG developed Pandemic for the 2018 Batten-NASPAA Student Simulation Competition, and for this event we used a classroom-ready version.

After lunch, Prof. Myung gave a lecture on game theory and strategic interactions and behaviors, using short games played on iPads that provided immediate summary data.

The CLSG is grateful to Fletcher E. Honemond at the Federal Executive Institute for his assistance with setting up this event, and we look forward to more in the future.